At Slimzz our friendly health providers with trained hand will take care of your problems in a very cozy & serene environment.

Our weight & fat management section will take care of your extra weight and will help in the cellulite reduction giving you.

Inch loss

Fat loss


Weight loss

Muscle toning


Our detox section will take care of your life style & wellness related problems by detoxification of  your body through our sophisticated Detox Cabins

Benefits offered by our BLIZZ DETOX cabins are.

Weight loss

Skin beautification

Increase blood circulation

Good sleep

Cellulite reduction

Relief from chronic muscle & joint pain

Speedy recovery from injuries


Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Maintaining Diabetes & BP

Weight Loss:

Chronic pain Muscle:

Radiant heat melts away Fats upto 900 calories in 30 minutes equal to 10 kms of jogging.

The soft, yet deep penetrating heat has the ability to send oxygen-rich blood to the entire body thus providing pain relief.

Skin Beautification:

Cardiovascular Health:

Blizz Detox allows increased blood circulation to carry great amounts of nutrients to the skin by removing impurities thus promoting a healthy and youthful skin tone.

Blizz Detox increases sweat production that enabled the heart to work harder pumping blood at a greater rate. Blizz increases pulse rate equal to 1 hour of exercises.

Good Sleep:

Blood Circulation:

When impurities get removed through Blizz Spectral Detox, your body gets freed from pains and stress. As a result you get a sound sleep.

Increasing body temperature is to promote blood circulation from head to toe and to actively send oxygen rich blood to the entire body.


Speedy Recovery from Injuries:

Blizz Spectral Detox cabin causes elimination of wastes cabin through skin pores that rejuvenates your fatigue.

Blizz Detox liberates oxygen to joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains and reducing the time it takes the human body to recover from an injury.

Stress Reduction & Relaxation:

Reduce Cellulite:

An aura of peacefulness along with the enhancement of health prevails inside this cabin. Your body & soul is rejuvenated by this effective serenity. You can also hear to tunes inside Blizz Spectral Detox cabin thereby soothing your senses.

Cellulite is a gel-substance made up of fat, water, toxins and wastes, which are trapped in pockets below the skin. Far Infra Red emitted by Blizz Spectral Detox Cabin cause profuse sweating which clears unwanted debris from the body.

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