Skin Care

Botox –

Botox is a US FDA approved treatment for cosmetic eradication of wrinkles on the face. It is an extremely safe, painless procedure for frown lines between eyebrows, forehead lines, crow’s feet & also sweaty underarms. Botox injected under skin for tightening jawline and open pores causing skin rejuvenation.

Fillers –

Fillers (hyaluronic acid) are extremely safe & given into your skin for instant removal of laugh lines, frown lines, scars or any other defects. With deep fillers, get a new chain, nose or high cheek bones in just 5 minutes.

Superpulse RF skin liff –

The latest & newest technology from the west uses radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen formation in the skin thus causing effective & long-term wrinkle reduction. Mainly used for skin tightening & contouring without surgery for brows, cheeks, lower face & neck.

Chemical Peels –

A unique blend of Glycolic, Salicylic, Kojic, Lactic and Phytic acid. Excellent skin rejuvenation treatment for scars, pigmentation, opens pores & fine wrinkles.

Skin Polishing –

Here a controlled spray of fine aluminum oxide crystals is used to remove the outer layers of skin & reveal more younger, tighter & radiant skin. Ideal for skin blemishes, acne scars, fine lines, sun damages, wrinkle and stretch marks.

Acne treatment –

We have different cosmetic procedure & therapy along with various other surgical and medicinal treatment  for faster clearing of all types of acne and acne scars. These therapies used with other treatments gives results.

NB-UV-Radiation –

Revolutionary new radiation therapy far superior to conventional PUVA therapy for wonderful results in Psoriasis, Vitiligo (SAFED DAAG), atopic Dermatitis, Lichen Planus & various other skin diseases, done with latest Machine with imported Dutch Lamps.

Vitiligo (Safed Daag) Surgery –

With various surgical skills we can give a near perfect skin to the patients who are suffering from this problem enabling them to live a life without any social stigma and embarrassment.

Under Eye Dark Circle –

A very difficult problem giving patients great cosmetic & social problem. With our latest procedure we can help our clients to a great extent.

Stretch Marks – 

Medical science is still searching for a permanent cure for this problem but in the mean time with our latest procedure we give a ray of hope to our clients by reducing their Stretch marks to a great extent.

Derma Roller –

This is a magic skin care system, a new concept in skin care and is destined to become the of your  desire. It is effective in Acne, wrinkles, large pores, scars, stretch marks etc.

Chronic Skin Diseases – 

In patients suffering from long standing skin diseases, with our specialized & state of the art diagnostic equipment & skills, we try to improve their quality of life index (QLI) and enabling them over come their social stigma & live a normal life.

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